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Hamamatsu Photonics and our life

Published:2014-02-14 Last:Beijing Hamamatsu

(Author: General Manager  Mr. Duan)


For most of the time our job is about repeating, and it is even more so for production workers. So what is the meaning of working other than getting paid and supporting our families? More importantly, what does our job contribute to the society? In fact, the job and productions in Hamamatsu are closely related with everyone’s life.


You may have seen the film”2012”. When the movie starts you can see a underground detector, this is a 20 inch photomultiplier tube (PMT) which is made by Hamamatsu. Allegedly Roland Emmerich got this idea after he saw the “Kamioka experiment” in Japan. You could see the film one more time if you did not notice it at the first time.


Fig.1  20 inch photomultiplier tube(R3600-02)


However, Hamamatsu Photonics is not only linked with cutting-edge technology but also closely related to our daily life. Nowadays our country is shrouded in a pollution haze, in order to solve this problem the first thing to do is to monitor and acquire date, and then to analysis the cause and make efficient treatment. Haze is formed by tiny particles, which are known as PM2.5. The most common monitor method is detecting β-ray. While to detect β-ray, our product β-ray scintillation detector plays a leading role.

Fig.2 β-ray scintillation detector CH320-02


There are other products which could be used in environment detection area, e.g. water, earth, air or radioactive pollution. In 2011, an earth quake caused the leakage of radioactive material in Fukushima Nuclear Power Station. Most detection devices of equipment were made by Hamamatsu Photonics. The CsI provided by Beijing Hamamatsu was first widely used in the personal monitoring measurement, and then was used in the equipment of grain detection combined with MPPC and fish detection.


Fig.3  The detector composited by CsI made by Beijing Hamamatsu and MPPC  


We are building a lot of nuclear power plant in china, thus a lot of security monitoring equipment will be used, especially the detectors made by Hamamatsu. Other than environment field, our biggest market should be medical field. When you go to hospital for examination, no matter blood or urine, the detectors used mostly are made by Hamamatsu Photonics. Now the most commonly used semi-automatic and automatic chemiluminescence immune apparatus are using our PMT or photon counting heads, which mostly are produced by Beijing Hamamatsu.

Fig.4  Photon counting head CH326


For CT examination, most of the detectors in CT machines are made by Hamamatsu Photonics. For nuclear medical examination, no matter gamma camera or SPECT, almost 100% of PMT are produced in Beijing Hamamatsu. For PET examination, the PMT used are mostly made by Hamamatsu Photonics, part of them are made by Beijing Hamamatsu.


Fig.5  CR260 used in body PET (produced by Beijing Hamamatsu)


In addition to detectors, the NDP (Digital slide scanner) developed by Hamamatsu Photonics has a wide application in telemedicine. The pixel of this device could reach to 2 billion. The equipment has been put into production in Beijing Hamamatsu and will make a greater contribution to China's medical care. The PDE (photons eye) can provide great help for breast cancer precise surgery.


Fig.6  NDP


Followed the present Mr. Teruo Hiruma’s idea to make contributions to Chinese heath, Beijing Hamamatsu developed nuclear medical equipment. Although it did not achieve good profit, it is still used in many hospitals. Especially Small gamma cameras, because of the high resolution and quantitative calculation, it is used in the Peking Union Medical College Hospital.


Fig. 7  BHP6602 small gamma camera


In addition, the three-head SPECT developed for Toshiba won the high praise in Japanese market because of its outstanding performance. We believe in the near future it will make contributions to people in China.


Fig.8  BHP6606 type three-head SPECT developed for Toshiba


When we go traveling by subway, train or plane, we need security inspection. The key detecting parts CsI, CsI+PD and PD module inside security inspection equipment are made by Beijing Hamamatsu.

Fig.9  CF248-02 type PD array module


In the field of energy, our PMT is commonly used in the detection of oil and coal. In the future Beijing Hamamatsu will provide integrated head to meet the market demand. Besides, Hamamatsu has ultra-high speed cameras (streak camera), which speed could reach to femtosecond (10-15 seconds), and also have the semiconductor laser with the largest power, the world's smallest focus micro focus X-ray sources with the smallest focus in the world.


Fig.10  L9421-02 type micro focus X-ray sources


Actually in our country, many huge science projects are using our products, such as Shen Zhou spacecraft, Chang e series spacecraft etc. In the near future, our product is going to be used in the first national satellite and products made by Beijing Hamamatsu will play an important role. Other than that we will try our best to participate in the projects like cosmic particles detection project in Tibet and Yunnan, and Daya bay project for phase II.


Our work might be repeating and boring every day, but if we put our work and the things mentioned above together you will find the meaning of it. If you are doing well in your repeated work, it makes you an expert. But if you could devote your heart in your repeated work and that makes you a winner. It is true that we need innovations but we also need people to do repeated jobs and that still means a lot !


Hongbin Duan


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